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Here are a few tools we often use for different aspects of our work. They are in no particular order and there is a mix of proprietary and open source packages. We tend to gravitate toward the best tool for the task at hand, trying to be as compatible with client environments as practical.

Business Process

Microfoft Visio seems to be the defacto standard at many organizations. We recently upgraded to the 2007 version from Visio 2000 for client compatibility reasons. There has been little visible or functional change to the product since MS acquired them in 2000 other than to render files created with teh 2000 version incompatible with the current version. Seems they have focused on integration and embedding rather than features.

The product is quite useful for doing much of the work one would normally want to do in business process & analysis. Many people use it as a BPM Tool [Business Process Modelling] for software development and integration projects.



Smart Draw is a nice alternative to Visio, particularly if you're not a heavy Visio user or don't require the many manufacturer stencils available with Visio.

Smart Draw is intuitive and quite easy to use. They have an extensive Template Library to help you get your project or presentation completed quickly. Even if you're starting from scratch, their tools and standard shapes are fairly extensive. Final documents can be saved ina variety of formats for export into presentations and other documents.




Project Management

OpenProj is a free, open source desktop alternative to Microsoft Project. OpenProj has been downloaded over 200,000 times in the first weeks since it was released and has quickly become one of the most popular open source applications. If you are managing a group project we recommend Project-ON-Demand. If you want a free replacement to commercial desktop software, then OpenProj is perfect. It's available on Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows, and it's free.

This Projity product is well featured, easy to install, and has very little overhead.

Web Analytics

ClickTracks is a web analytics program that uses a radically different architecture, making it easy for marketers to perform desktop datamining activities that are difficult or impossible to implement using traditional web analysis methods.

ClickTracks can be used by people throughout the oraginization. Included in the pricing is web based instructor led training which is fairly comprehensive. Whether you are a webmaster, marketer, or manager, you will find the features friendly and useable.

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