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Business Services

ETP is a recognized leader in helping companies formulate and implement business plans in today's ever changing environment. Our deep expertise in business, sales, and marketing IT Systems plus vast experience with current technology market ecosystems allows us to capture, analyze, and disseminate information from many disparate sources and provide unbiased and timely strategies to our clients.

ETP works closely with clients to develop insights into how market forces have impacted their business. Whether the changes have had positive or negative effects, we work with our clients to develop a plan that addresses the competitive landscape, business environment and operations, policies and procedures, procurement, delivery, organization and staffing, marketing, sales, finance and legal.

Fee Structure - At this level, we often consult on a longer term Trusted Advisor capacity. We offer Retainer Based Structures for longer term relationships and Daily Rate Structures for shorter term engagements.

Business Services: Assessment, Business Planning, Merge & Acquisition, Go To Market, Exit Strategy


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