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Analysis, Design, and Implementation of Web Centric Sales & Marketing Solutions for Small to Medium Size Business

As your small business grows and becomes more web centric, you need a support partner you can count on. Business Software Support services can range from Website maintenance and updates, Web Analytics, Adwords, Email marketing, CRM Software, or Ecommerce solutions. We'll be with you every step of the way.

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Providing Web and Interactive Marketing Services since 2007. From strategy to creative to custom-development, from inception to selection to implementation, our professional services focus are designed to execute your project from start to finish, or to extend your existing in-house or outsourced capabilities.


Analytics, CRM Software, E-Commerce, Integration, InBound & OutBound Marketing, Process, SEO, Strategy

Typical Engagements

Google Analytics IQ

Web Strategy Analysis E-Commerce Integration CRM Implementation (SalesForce.com)
Web Analytics E-Mail / Web Integration Custom Web Application Integration
Website Marketing Web System architecture Web Project Recovery
InBound Certification - Hubspot

Google Analytics IQ


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ETP delivers Marketing Performance Solutions that increase web sales leveraging our Marketing Consulting Services and Marketing Tools to build upon your existing organizational and market strengths.

ETP helps you analyze your competitive and market positioning. We help you build on your competitive strengths and leverage them in the market, increasing sales. We look for new and creative ways to build on your success.

ETP is committed to growing your revenue and overall WEB Sales.

Marketing Metrics are used extensively to increase Marketing Performance through Marketing Operational Analysis and Sales Process Analysis. We take a holistic approach, introducing many small changes and Marketing Tools that help your company Simplify, Transform, and Integrate operations enabling you to become a learning, growing, and winning organization.

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Visit The ETP Store for: Sales Templates, Marketing Templates, & Project Management Templates . Using templates can save you hundreds of hours of work plus make your delivery consistent with a professional polish and thoroughness.

Unlike many of the "free" templates available on the web these days, (which are often written by academics, students, or "industry experts"), the Sales Templates, Marketing Templates, and Project Management Templates have real VALUE having been used by Professionals for years who have been actually using them to do the work.

They have been time tested and will save you TIME & MONEY, and



The Product Launch List is a checklist that should be used by Marketing Product Managers when doing New Product Introductions or initial Product Launches. The Product Launch List is in a WBS Format [Work Breakdown Structure]. It is in no particular order and is designed to show graphically and in list format the high level tasks that marketing needs to perform when Launching, Introducing, or Upgrading Products for release into the Marketplace.

This list should be used by Product Marketing Managers as a starting point for creating a comprehensive Marketing Implementation Plan.

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